Exhibition guest – Adrian Purgał (born in 1982)

Since the early years he displayed artistic skills in the area of art and music. He also created poetry that was recognized and awarded in poetry competitions and publications in the local press and several anthologies.

 As a teenager he began his ‘love affair’ between playing the violin, singing, creating, composing music and writing lyrics, poetry and on top of it making paintings, prints and sketches. This misalliance continues until today and gained professional manners. As a singer, composer and songwriter for his band Curiosum, he can be proud of two professionally-issued records. He is also the maker of all the graphics on Curiosum covers, as well as several other covers for professional music publishers and book covers. He is also the maker of several videos where he acted as a director and cinematographer at the same time.

Normally he works as a graphic designer and designs for a few large companies in the ceramic sector. Due to his profession and constant work with the computer he moved his artistic output to a digital matrix, and he has been using a computer as a main tool at work for almost ten years. This period has brought countless graphic and artistic projects, in terms of commercial use of forms such as logos, images, commercial projects, as well as the above mentioned covers, posters, including film posters, but also artistic works, where tens or even hundreds of images were created and some of them were shown during his own small exhibitions in his hometown.

In his graphic works which are complements to music, poetry and lyrics, ‘Wisdemon’ primarily focuses on ‘a human’. The fascination of exploring our everyday life and moving into another dimension, sometimes mystical and godlike, can be found in almost all of his works. It is a kind of a diary of the artist’s life, where he constantly illustrates human weaknesses, fears, sometimes even depressive visions. That is why his art becomes firmly intimate, and viewers can look through it to the world of the embodied mind. His graphics are a kind of therapy for the artist, but also for the recipient of his art which personifies our weaknesses and desires enclosing them in an image.