From 13th to 23rd December 2015 in POSK gallery in London an exhibition of Polish design, by Bogumił Gala, will be held.

Among the exhibited objects one will find works of Józef Chierowski (armchairs 366), Hanna Lis (armchairs type 300-190), Rajmund Teofil Hałas (chair type 200-190) and many others well known designers. The pots from porcelain factory„Ćmielów” and „Chodzież”, glass and ceramics of Zbigniew Horbowy and many otherswill be shown at the exhibition. All these exhibits have become a permanent canon of world design.

The inspiration to organize the opening was to reproduce everything what is natural, what is Polish and what is ours. The works of Polish designers gained new life under the guidance of the designer Bogumił Gala. He created a new line of furniture: “GBPOWER NEW LIFE” based on well-known works.

The exhibition organizer has been dealing with renovation and furniture sale since 2012. He was the founder of Poland’s first auction of European design, organized by one of the most respected auction houses in Poland as well as in the world called REMPEX. It enjoyed great interest and was widely commented in the media, for example on Polish web portals: domosfera, czas Na wnętrze (interior time), wyjątkowe wnętrze (unique interior) and many others. Today, Bogumil Gala would like to present the results of his work in London- a distant, but close to the heart of Poles city. Leaning towards a simple and beautiful form awakens the respect for functionality in people, and also brings top quality. Works of a young, talented artist Wisdemon (Adrian Prugała) will be shown at the exhibition, but they will be just a foretaste of his own exhibition which will be held in January 2016. His works presenting a man in search of the soul and the meaning of existence surprise the viewer with uniqueness and attention to every detail.

All interested are invited to visit the exhibition, which will take place in the gallery POSK in London 238-246 King Street. Opening hours:

  • 13-22 December: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.,
  • 23 December: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

All the exhibits can be bought after the end of the exhibition. During the exhibition select exhibits can be reserved. While checking the availability of the exhibits, please use their numbers.

Reservations can be made through the agency of:
– the POSK reception,
– the Art Manager – Sambor Nowak tel. +44 7463 990360,
– as well as at